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I complete things I start
I respond fast
I make plans
I imagine things
I like to take chances
I like to follow the rules
I find and fix problems
I get into things totally
I use things at hand to solve problems
I look for more than one way to solve things
If things get tough, I'll change ideas
I like to get things done   the way they are supposed  to get done
I plan before I act
I do things that are different
I change easily
I like clear instructions
I like my own ideas best
It's easy  for me to stay on task
I'm very careful
I sometimes do things before I think them through
I like to start things
I tell others what I think
I get things done
I don't always know how things are going to end up
I react fast
I like to have others finish what I start
I do things that are new and different
I get things done
I take chances
I adjust easily
I don't like changes
I make things happen
I decide things easily
I stir up action
I'm steady as a rock
I'm "out of synch" with others
I see into the future
I like things clear and direct
I am an organizer
I change ideas a lot
I like to analyze
I like to get things decided
I am easily distracted
I like to see ideas grow
I am thoughtful and deliberate
I like to think about lots of things
I don't like interruptions
I like to look at different ways to get things done
I have complicated ideas
I think of new ways to do things
I solve things pretty easily
I like things to be easy to understand
I really don't like rules
I like things "just right"
I like to get things done
I sometimes forget details
I'm careful
I like fast pace
I like to complete all the details
I see unusual connections between things
I follow directions
I predict what's going to happen
I'm quick to respond
I have many ideas
I forget things easily
I pay close attention to details
I go along with the crowd
I get others going
I'm a daredevil
I'm interested in getting results
I'm logical
I ignore details
I pay attention to every detail
I have quick  solutions
I like things my way
I like to follow directions
I like things to be exact
I'm playful
I get unusual ideas that I need to explain
I like to follow a schedule and be on time
I like to be in the "here and now"
I think about how things might be in the future
I like facts
I act on the spur of the moment
I know what I want to do
I know how I want to get things done
I'm pretty good at planning details
I give suggestions faster than others
I like directions
I like to invent things
I like adventure
I want to be exact
I like things to be clear and easy to understand
I can predict things in the future
I do things according to a "system"
I like things to happen "right now"



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